LivePATTM Platform

AI Based Prior-art Search

  • Easy to Search

  • Near Instant Search Report

  • Secure-Software use under NDA

  • No Volume Commitment

  • No Subscription Required | Pay-per-use Basis


Designed for IP Lawyers

Get top prior-art documents based on disclosure via AI-powered algorithms. Spend less time searching and more time doing what matters.

Easy to Use

Start with an invention disclosure or just a paragraph — no hassle of identifying keywords or creating search strings or using logic operators.

Pay per Use

No volume commitment. Pay per search. Pass on the nominal fees to your clients like a normal patentability search.

Tested API

Underlying algorithm has been tested against 1 million+ past cases (examination & oppositions) with 87.33% success rate.

Powered by Amplified AI


Most IP professionals (especially IP Lawyers) either use a search vendor or spend their valuable time on patent databases to verify the novelty of the idea and then prepare the patent application.

Why not augment your process with intelligent algorithms that help you optimize the efforts of locating prior art documents that matter for the case and help you draft better claims which improve the overall quality of your patent application.

LivePAT platform is designed to complement your standard patent practices by leveraging deep learning algorithms to perform Patent Searching at nominal fee and turnaround time.


Introduction to LivePatTM Search Platform

Have a few questions? We've got answers!

what do I need to run the search?

You can start the search with an invention disclosure or just a paragraph — no search strings or Boolean logic. You can further input relevant IPC/CPC classes to make the search even more focused.

Is it mandatory to input IPC classes to execute the search?

No, the algorithm works even if you do not input IPC classes while requesting the search. The algorithm automatically understand the invention and constructs its searches. However, it is recommended to input broad classes for better result relevancy.

Where is my invention data stored?

The tool doesn’t store any data, it performs the search and deletes all the invention related information entered. The search report is only available in your account under previous orders for your reference. Further, information exchanged on the tool is covered under the scope of digitally and mutually accepted NDA. Click here to go through the NDA.

How much time does it take to generate the report?

Report with a list of top 50 relevant patents is available for download within 2 minutes of the search request. The report also includes bibliographic details and title & abstract to make a quick analysis.

Can I refine the search after getting the result?

No, you do not need to refine the search. This is different from a keyword search as the tool constructs the search based on the disclosure entered.However, if you have not described the invention correctly you will have to run a new search.

Is there a limit on the size of the text to be entered ?

No there is no limit to the text to be entered. However, it is recommended to explain the invention well while entering the text.


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